DAR Good Citizens

The DAR Good Citizens program and scholarship contest is intended to encourage and reward the qualities of good citizenship.  The program is open to all senior class students enrolled in accredited public or private secondary schools that are in good standing with their State Boards of Education.  One student per year may be honored as a school’s DAR Good Citizen.  This student is eligible to enter the DAR Good Citizens scholarship contest.  DAR Good Citizens who enter the scholarship level are eligible for awards at the chapter, district, state, division, and national level.

Important Changes for 2012 DAR Good Citizens Scholarship Contest:

  1. The scholarship essay title and focus question are now included on the Internet form, “Scholarship Essay Instructions” (DC1003).  This form should be submitted to the school in a sealed envelope to be opened by the student at the time of writing the essay.
  2. Students may use their computers to type their essays, as long as the internet is disabled and essays must be completed in the presence of a faculty member or DAR member.
  3. Essays may be no longer than 550 words, counting all words.

 Chapter Regents: It is important that the updated contest and judging forms are provided as soon as possible. When you receive the National Information Packet (NIP) this summer, make a complete copy of all DAR Good Citizens forms (DGC-1000 – DGC1006) and give it to your Chapter DAR Good Citizens chairman immediately.

Chapter Chairman:  Several important changes have been made to the 2012 DAR Good Citizens Scholarship Contest. Please dispose of all previous forms and point out these important changes to the schools as you distribute the contest information. Make sure that you are using only the 2012 contest and judging forms. Should you have any questions on these changes or need assistance with any part of the contest, contact the State Chairman.

Chapter chairman are also requested to check the State Youth Awards List on the CSSDAR Members’ Website and ensure that the schools listed for DAR Good Citizens are correct. If any item needs correction, send the necessary information to webmaster@californiadar.org.

The success of this program depends upon chapter regents and chairmen. It is important that the chapters make personal visits to the schools to brief principals, counselors, and teachers about the program, with a special emphasis on the scholarship awards available.

Additional information, including official rules, forms, and information for chapter chairmen is available on the National Committee webpage. 

To order chapter awards: Set of pin/certificate/wallet card – $ 2.75 (California Sales Tax included); extra certificates and envelopes are $.30 each (sales tax included). If you want your order mailed, please send an additional $5.00 as indicated on order form.  The DAR Store cannot fill your order. Orders for awards must be submitted to your state chairman and/or vice chairman and received by the end of July/mid of August. Orders may be picked up at September Council. Make chapter check payable to “CSSDAR Treasurer.” See order form for more information regarding where to mail your order.

Katryna Gonzalez
DAR Good Citizens Chairman

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