Announcement: Calling All CSSDAR Authors

The CSSDAR State Librarian would like to establish recognition for our CSSDAR Daughters who are published authors. A link on the Member’s Website on the CSSDAR Librarian table (Documents and Forms > State Forms and Documents > State Librarian) will be set up with the names of any CSSDAR member who have published a book, fiction or non-fiction, for all Daughters to enjoy. The books must be available for others to access in either hard copy, paperback or online.
If you are an author and would like to share your book titles, please complete the following information and send it to:
CSSDAR Author’s Name: ______________________
DAR #_________
District: ___________________________________
List books published and where they can be accessed.
(Use additional space if needed.)
Author: ____________________________________
Book Title:__________________________________
Genra: _____________________________________
Available through: ____________________________
You may submit a photo (head shot) of yourself by sending it as an attachment.
For questions, contact State Librarian Linda Winthers at
Linda Winthers
State Librarian
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