Announcement: Service to America – California Accomplished 1,000,000 Hours During the Dillon Administration

California Daughters proudly announced at Continental Congress the Service to America accomplishment of 1,000,000 hours accrued during the Dillon administration. Congratulations to all and big shout of “thank you”!

Many of the chapters met their suggested goals for June, and some are even meeting and surpassing their 2019 year-end goals.

The VanBuren administration is encouraging its members to continue logging onto the online tally of volunteer service hours to bring us to a strong finish in 2019.

 Link to Online Tally

This year there will be more focus on THE NATIONAL DAY OF SERVICE–OCTOBER 11th, 2019. By holding special events on or around October 11th and documenting them with pictures, write ups and possibly media coverage, the word will get out what great work DAR does in SERVICE TO GOD, HOME and COUNTRY. The Service to America Committee just announced a new award: the Service to America Award for Outstanding National DAR Day of Service Project which must be completed between October 1, 2019 and October 31, 2019. Details about the award can be found on the Committee’s page at:

California has always risen to the challenge and we know you will continue to follow through. So, ladies–don your creative thinking hats and share with our nation the pride we have in NSDAR.

Any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact any one of us.

Jean Thomas, Co-Chair,
Whitney Crane, Co-Chair,
Wanda Prosser, Vice Chair
Thank you for all that you do, in DAR Service,

Jean Thomas
Service to America, Co-Chair

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