State Regent’s Message: May 2019

My Dear California Daughters,

Spring has sprung…work has begun! In reality, signs of spring and new beginnings were evident early, and work on the Oak Lea enhancement project is nearly complete. Soon Daughters living near Headquarters will hear of an opportunity to participate in a “Planting Party,” May 17-18, to help put the finishing touches on the project in time for the June 1st dedication. Details of the dedication are on the website, registration is available through the WebStore and the Announcement was sent to members through their chapter regents.

Another state project has been submitted and put to rest: the CA Pathway to Patriots. Thanks is expressed to those who sent replies to our State Recording Secretary regarding the war service and/or support of their Revolutionary War ancestors. The tree, purchased through “Special Projects” funds on behalf of all California Daughters, is to honor the service of the many ancestors represented in our membership. The “biography” will help to raise awareness of those who achieved American Independence. Read our 50-word narrative, below:

California Daughters’ patriots helped secure independence! By rebelling, signing the Declaration of Independence; as civic leaders: judges, assemblymen, selectmen, taxpayers; using occupations to support the fight: surveyor, cooper, farmer, physician, seamstress, merchant; joining the fight: holding every rank, sharpshooter, drummer, fifer, medic, supplied ammunition and food – each made a difference!

As we plan to gather for our Society’s annual meeting in Washington, D.C., don’t forget a little detail. A number of you made your hotel reservations at the JW Marriott to be included in the CA block of rooms. A few of you have decided to double up, sharing a room. Some of you have decided that you really want to attend, but don’t have lodging. If those of you finding yourself either looking for a room or with an unneeded room would communicate via Facebook or through your district director, reservations can be switched before the deadline to release the unneeded room without a penalty: Sunday, May 26, 2019.

This seems to be a particularly busy time. Everyone is trying to get things done prior to the summer recess. Anniversaries are being celebrated, markers placed, celebrating the opening of one chapter and bringing to a close another, where for 28 years, these chapter Daughters served their community and our Society with passion, dedication, and distinction. They have all been wonderfully welcomed into other chapters where they will continue to serve and develop and enjoy the companionship of good friends. Your State Regent will enjoy attending many of these special events and looks forward to representing you at both the Iowa and Arizona State Conferences where their Daughters will reciprocate the wonderful hospitality you extended to their State Regents.

Enjoy these good times together. Please join us in celebration on June 1st. And, continue to find personal satisfaction through your service to God, Home, and Country… where you are truly Making a Difference.

Much love and appreciation,
Adele Lancaster
State Regent

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