Announcement: Americanism Awards – Who will your chapter nominate?

Chapters still have time to nominate someone for the DAR Medal of Honor and the DAR Americanism Medal. The DAR Medal of Honor is the most prestigious honor awarded by the Daughters of the American Revolution and is given to an adult man or woman who is a United States citizen by birth and has shown extraordinary qualities of leadership, trustworthiness, service and patriotism. The recipient must have made unusual and lasting contributions to our American Heritage by truly giving of himself or herself to their community, state, country, and fellowman.

The DAR Americanism Medal is awarded to an adult man or woman who has been a naturalized United States citizen for at least five years and has fulfilled the required qualifications following naturalization. DAR Americanism Medal recipients must have shown outstanding qualities of leadership, trustworthiness, service, and patriotism. They must have actively assisted other aliens to become American citizens or displayed an outstanding ability in community affairs, preferably with an emphasis on the foreign-born community.

These awards do not have a specific timeline attached to them and can be submitted to the CSSDAR State Chair Linda Winthers at any time. If you would like your nominee to be considered for recognition at the state conference in March, you must have your nomination to the State Chair by January 2, 2017, to received the State Regent’s approval for the presentation. There is no specific criteria for this selection.

Information about these awards can be found on the NSDAR Members’ website at:

Americanism Awards

I look forward to seeing the nomination from your chapter.

Linda Winthers
State Chair, Americanism

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