Public Relations and Media Reports

The Public Relations and Media Report covers the calendar year of 2015. All Public Relations and Media reports must reach this committee chair by February 1st, 2016. Late entries will not be considered.

1.) The best way to report all of your publicity is on the CMR. Brag as much as you want. It will be read.

2.) If you have a newsletter or Facebook entry that you’re especially proud of, and you want it considered for National notice, snail mail it to this committee chair.

3.) If you have a brochure, and you want it considered for National notice, please snail mail one.

4.) If you are lucky enough to still obtain newsprint, please send me your Press Book. It will be returned at State Conference. Please note – all newspaper articles should have the page heading with name of paper and date.

5.) Please do not send a year’s worth of newsletters electronically. It jams my email system.

Thanks to all of you for your diligent work in trying to get your DAR story to the public.

Wanda Prosser
PR & M Chair
2235 Hutchison St.
Vista CA 92084-2530

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