A note has been received from Tamassee DAR School in response to 114 California Chapters sending snacks to the boys at Pouch Cottage during the last year of the Jamison Administration:

Hello! This is Julie from Pouch. First, I think it is so generous of them and the boys REALLY do appreciate the snacks. There are small things in our daily life that we take for granted, and choosing what we might eat is one of them. All of their meals are chosen, of course by sheer necessity, so having a closet of snacks that THEY can make choices about what THEY might like is more meaningful than one may realize. The variety is great as it covers all kinds of snackers! It gives a new reassurance to some of the boys who have known hunger that the closet is filled (literally sometimes after a shipment) with food for them. “For when I was hungry, you gave me something to eat.. ” Matthew 25:35. This is such a basic need and the boys truly are grateful for the abundance! Often, since I was hired as teaching parent, I have wished that the donors could see how much their works are positively affecting the lives of our boys.  ~ Julie        

California Daughters, thank you for participating in this State project!

Mary Ellen Mohler, State Chair
DAR School Committee

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