California State Board of Directors – State Vice Regent

We all know that the State Vice Regent wears many hats. This officer looks forward to working hard and having a good time while carrying out the duties and responsibilities of the office.

As Chairman of Site Selection, the State Vice Regent will seek venues that offer what the Society needs in order to have successful council meetings and state conferences during the 2014-2016 term, in locations members will find relatively convenient.

The State Vice Regent serves as liaison to the Headquarters Administrative Committee, attending the monthly meetings at the beautiful classic Craftsman-style house that is the CSSDAR Headquarters. Please remember that your headquarters is available for DAR meetings and overnight stays. You will find the reservation form on the CSSDAR Members’ website.

This vice regent will be involved in the California Congressional teas at Continental Congress in 2013 and 2014.

Exempt organizations such as we are have been affected by several pieces of legislation in the aftermath of 9-11. These have greatly impacted how we conduct the business of our Society. It will be this officer’s privilege to serve as a member of the Finance and Budget Committee.

The vice regent serves as Coordinator of District Directors. The district directors will kick off the new administration with the traditional sleepover at headquarters in July. It is a time to plan for the upcoming year, exchange ideas, and become familiar with the duties and responsibilities to our districts, as they carry out their function in line with the State Society’s exempt status, bylaws, and the State Handbook (previously known as Manual of Procedures).

The vice regent is also in charge of updating the State Handbook. This document is online so you may always have the latest at your fingertips. Please read the sections that pertain to your office and your committee. Then check back periodically as updates are made.

Last, but not least, this officer will be available to perform such duties as the State Regent may request.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve our State Society and you, the members, during this next administration.   

Carol Oakley Jackson
State Vice Regent                                                                               

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