State Chaplain’s Deadline for CSSDAR Memorials – February 1

We are fast approaching the deadline for your chapter memorials to be included in the State’s memory book.   

This year we have received far fewer obituaries, pictures, and personal notes for the “Book of Loving Remembrance” – the Memory Book. Please send these memorial items to the state chaplain by no later than February 1, as she will start compiling the book at that time.  These remembrances are kept for posterity, so that we can look fondly to our past, and  recall those lost to us.

Planning for the Memorial Service at state conference is progressing nicely, and we believe it will be an inspiration to all who attend.   I hope you will join us on Sunday Morning,  March 9, at 8:30 a.m., when we honor Daughters who have left us this past year.

The Memory Book will be on display at that time, as well as in the Exhibit Room during the conference.

Reminder:  Several chapters did not provide a yearbook for the state chaplain at the fall council meetings.  Please make sure the state chaplain has received a copy of your current chapter yearbook.

The state chaplain looks forward to seeing you all, and to personally thank you for your assistance and good will over the past two years.

Sandra Orozco
State Chaplain

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