Celebrate America’s Natural Resources – Conservation Committee Contest

During the Young Administration, members will “Celebrate America’s Natural Resources” through chapter and individual participation in volunteer work to preserve, conserve and celebrate our natural heritage and resources. Each chapter is encouraged to become involved in National Park Service units, State Park volunteer services, or city park service projects in local communities.

Committee Contest:  The Conservation Committee will conduct an annual contest to recognize chapter efforts. Record volunteer services in journal format, name of park, specific project participation, number of persons involved, and hours for each person.  Record the activities, conservation methods used, and historic importance.  Upon completion of the project, send a copy of the journal, including photographs, press coverage, and reactions from neighbors and townspeople to the National Chairman.  Deadline for materials to be received by National Chairman is March 15, 2014.Entries will be judged on the benefit to the community and the environment, time involved in the project, and the opportunity for continuing or expanded involvement. Certificates will be awarded to the chapter with the outstanding project in each of the eight DAR divisions. Winners will be announced at the committee meeting during Continental Congress.

See the DAR Member’s website for examples of what is acceptable service and for more information about the contest.

Gayle-Ann Johnson, State Chair

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