News from October 2013 National Board of Management

It’s hard to believe the end of year is fast approaching, and that the October National Board of Management Meeting (NBOM) is in the rear view mirror!  This article reports some exciting things approved by the National Board of Management at its October meeting.  The National Board of Management is composed of the President General, eleven Executive Officers, twenty-one Vice Presidents General, and fifty-three State Regents. The National Board of Management meets six
times a year at DAR Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

The NBOM approved Y-DNA test results as part of a genealogical analysis of evidence under guidelines set forth by the Genealogy Department effective January 1, 2014. Read the California Clarion and the DAR Members’ website for more information regarding how DNA may be used.

Next, approval was given for  a process to be established by which verified applications may be approved on a “monthly” basis through an electronic vote of the National Board of Management. This is truly exciting as it will speed up the membership process!

NBOM also approved the artwork for the President General’s Project and benefactor pins.  We encourage members to make donations to this vital project. A single contribution of $100 entitles the donor to purchase the President General’s Project pin from Hamilton Jewelers.  Donations of $1,000 or more receive the benefactor pin from the Development Office. Please use the Dev-1003 form to make these donations.

Finally, the Standing Rules for the 123rd Continental Congress were approved, as well as the Fiscal Year (FY) 2014 budget, and FY 2014 Chapter Achievement form.

During the meeting, this officer was so proud of Corresponding Secretary Karon Jarrard and Finance Committee Chair Carol Jackson.  Both of our California Daughters did outstanding jobs reporting to the National Board of Management, and both received many compliments.

Debbie Jamison
State Regent

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