Public Relations Committee

Public relations and media work closely with membership to retain members and recruit members. Persistence in public relations does pay off. The public relations chairman of your chapter should strive to develop a relationship with local papers. Members should be encouraged to write articles to submit to their local newspapers. In addition, there are also online editions where members can submit articles directly and have them appear on the newspaper website. 

Please make sure that articles are presented and signed as “individuals” and not on behalf of the DAR.  Remember, the President General speaks for the National Society, and the State Regent speaks on behalf of the State Society.

Encourage the use of social media amongst your chapter members.  Many chapters have their own closed group Facebook page where members read about chapter events and enjoy viewing chapter photos.  In addition, many chapters have public Facebook pages to showcase their chapter to potential new members.  Members should be encouraged to post positive stories about chapters on the California DAR Facebook page to share with others.  As stated on our National website – the more your members know about what your chapter is doing, the more connected they will feel to it and each other. The more connected each member feels, the more active she will be. And we all know active members lead to active, growing chapters!

Please read the National website for information about writing press releases and other public relations information that may be helpful to you and your chapter.

Patty Schned
State Chair
Public Relations and Media Committee

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