It was announced during the 122nd Continental Congress that the NSDAR will partner with the Department of Defense Vietnam War 50th Anniversary Commemoration to thank and honor Vietnam War veterans and their families. President General Lynn Forney Young and State Regent Debra Jamison are asking our state society – and each chapter within our state society – to enroll with the Vietnam War 50th Anniversary Commemoration Committee as “Commemorative Partners.” Signing up as a partner means holding two or more appropriate Vietnam War commemorations per year during the nine-year commemorative period. Chapter Regents, please complete the “Civilian Organizations Application” and “Statement of Understanding” for your chapter by doing the following:

  1. Visit the commemoration website:
  2. Click on “Commemorative Partner Program” at the top of the page, then click on “How to become a Partner” from the drop-down menu. Please carefully read the information on this page.
  3. Click on either the first link at the bottom of the page (to fill out and submit the application online), or on the second link (to download a printable application that can be completed offline and mailed to the committee).
  4. If you clicked on the first link to complete the application online, click on “Click here for online Civilian Organizations application.” The Civilian Application is now on your screen. Please read the Privacy Statement and the Instructions before proceeding. When you are finished, click on the “Submit” button at the bottom of the application. Clicking on the button will send your application and automatically take you to the Statement of Understanding. You can complete this online, print it out, sign it and have an additional committee member do the same.

We have been informed that committee email systems may not be working properly at this time. The best thing to do is to mail the Statement of Understanding form to the address at the bottom of the form. Please be sure to type or write the name of your chapter (example: Jane Doe Chapter, NSDAR) on the top of the form.

If you clicked on the second link to download a printable application, be sure to download both the application and the Statement of Understanding. Complete both forms and mail to the address on the bottom of the Statement of Understanding. Please be sure to type or write the name of your chapter on the top of the form.

Here are some basic instructions to follow when completing the application:

  1. “Organization Name” is the name of your chapter.
  2. The “Committee Chairperson” is the person you have selected to head up the commemorative efforts for your chapter.
  3. The “Point of Contact 1” is you.
  4. The “Point of Contact 2” is your Program Chairman.
  5. The “Point of Contact 3” Chapter Historian.

You must complete and send both the application and the Statement of Understanding for your chapter to be enrolled as a commemorative partner. Once these have been received by the committee, it may take a few days before your chapter’s name appears on the partnership list. You can check for your chapter’s status at <ahref=””>  Once your chapter is enrolled, you will receive an email with your ID and Password. The ID and Passwordbelong to your chapter. Do not lose them. Share them your chapter’s points of contact. You will use the ID and Password to enter the Commemorative Partner Portal online (, to order 50th Anniversary Commemorative Event supplies for your chapter’s commemorations.

The Vietnam War Commemoration Committee will send a box to your committee chairperson. This box will contain a commemoration flag, your Partner Certificate and other commemorative event items.

Supplies are available on the website that you can use at the events your chapter sponsors: certificates, proclamations, posters, and letters signed by the President of the United States. There are also educational materials that can be printed from the site.

Begin now to plan your two chapter activities/ceremonies. This committee is looking for the BEST chapter activity/ceremony/event. The Vietnam War Commemoration Committee will feature superior events from chapters all over the country on their website. They are looking for photos and videos of these events.

Thank you for your continued commitment to our nation’s Vietnam War veterans.

Sally Holcombe, State Chairman
Vietnam 50th Commemoration

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