Protocol Pointers – August 2013

As we look forward to Fall Council Meetings, please remember these Protocol Pointers regarding reservations, RSVP’s, and good manners during meals!

  • If you receive an invitation to an event, please RSVP no later than the requested deadline. The hostess will want to know whether or not you are attending. It is considerate to let her know so that a place can be set for you, and a meal prepared. RSVP means, “répondez s’il vous plaît,” meaning “please respond.”  If “RSVP” is printed on an invitation, that means you need to let the hostess know if you are or if you are not attending. If 50 are invited, and she believes everyone will be there, but only 30 actually attend, too many meals will have been prepared, and the extras wasted.  If 25 have RSVP’d and 35 show up, there will not be enough space or food for everyone. It is important to let the hostess know of your plans. If you receive a printed invitation, it is customary to respond in writing. If the invitation is electronic, you may respond via email.
  • When sending in your reservation for a Council or Conference meal, PLEASE be sure to do it by the stated deadline.  It is very inconsiderate to show up at the event, without a reservation, and expect to be served. If you find out that you are able to attend an event, after the stated due date, please contact the event chairman directly to see if additional space is available. It is NEVER correct to attend a meal event without a reservation, and without paying!
  • If you have a special meal request, please be considerate and indicate this on the form at the time you make your reservation or let the event chairman know.  The kitchen needs to know, in advance, how many special meals need to be prepared.  If a special meal is requested, then one less regular meal will be prepared. If you send your meal back at the time you are served, the hotel will charge for both meals. Please don’t let this happen.
  • If an event includes a buffet, it is not appropriate to return to the buffet and take additional food back to your room for a snack later. This is not in keeping with good manners.  It is also against hotel policy, as well as Health Department policy. It is also against hotel and Health Department policy to take food from any meal event. It is inappropriate for members who do not attend meal events to enter the banquet hall after the event has ended to gather uneaten food. This actually happened at the March State Conference.
  • Finally, in regards to alcohol, it is not appropriate to bring your own bottle of wine into a DAR meal event.  Corkage fees will apply, and the hotel is not prepared to deal with that while serving a large group such as ours.  At some evening events, a cash bar has been available for those who wish to indulge.

Please remember that the fundamental principles of protocol are dictated by ethics, courtesy, good manners, and common sense.  As always, please email this committee chairman with any questions regarding protocol!

Sharon Maas
State Protocol Chairman

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