DAR Good Citizens

Mary Lou Langedyke, chair DAR Good Citizen Award; Daphne Hernandez, Blair HS; Leah Young, Muir HS; Andrew Lucas, La Salle HS; Daisy Barrios, Southwestern Academy; Kirsten Hellwig, Marshall Fundamental HS; Lindsay Fisher, Alverno HS; and Adina Robers, Regent Martin Severance Chapter.

Martin Severance Chapter recently held its Annual  Awards  Breakfast. The DAR Good Citizen Award  for dependability, service, leadership and patriotism was given to six local students. This year’s  winners were: Andrew Lucas from  La Salle  High School, the over-all chapter winner; Daisy Barrios  from Southwestern Academy; Lindsay  Fisher, Alverno  High School; Kirsten Hellwig, Marshall Fundamental High School; Dafne Hernandez, Blair High School and Leah Young, Muir High School.

Submitted by: Gage Hewes

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