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QUESTION: How can you support Junior Membership?

ANSWER:  By purchasing Nationally-approved Junior products. These products enable the Junior Membership Committee to meet its financial commitment to the DAR Schools.

We will be have items at  Northern Council, Southern Council, and State Conference. You may also place an order through members of the Junior Shoppe Committee. We will also have the products arranged in “Chapter Boxes,” where a chapter can purchase a box of a variety of products for $50/$75/$100, to sell to chapter members.

QUESTION: How can you support the CSSDAR Page Committee and CSSDAR Junior Membership Committee in their endeavors to raise money for the Page Fund and the Junior Membership Trust Fund?

ANSWER: By donating and purchasing specific items at the Junior Shoppe!

The Junior Shoppe will raise funds to help build the Page Support Fund. This fund helps defray the cost of Page Events at state conference, and Junior Membership/Page Retreats. Pages are the Daughters you see dressed in white who assist by volunteering their time working at State events and Continental Congress. They are an essential component of our Society, and they keep events running smoothly. Junior Shoppe is accepting donations of handmade items such as quilts, jams, jellies, scarves, keepsake books/binders, monogrammed handkerchiefs, crafted wood items, ornaments, or any other handmade item.

The Junior Membership Trust Fund was established to assist California Juniors with the financial costs associated with travel to Continental Congress in Washington, DC.  The Junior Shoppe is accepting donations of gently worn gloves, evening bags, hats, and formal gowns. Both the gloves and formal gowns can be in any color. These will be available at the Councils and State Conference to help increase the Junior Membership Trust Fund. 

Please contact the chairman regarding information about donating. Items may be mailed to the chairman or brought to the State meetings.

Thank you for your efforts to support Junior Membership and our California Pages!

Chairman :   Celeste L Cox ~ ccoxdar@gmail.com  

Vice Chairman North: Sara Zachary ~ Sara.E.Zachary@wellsfargo.com  

Vice Chairman South: Kendra Palmer ~  kpalmer22@gmail.com

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