Where Do I Find…?

Welcome to the California Clarion, your source for information including State Regent’s Message and Chapter Chatter.  In addition, the California Clarion may contain posts from state board members, committee chairman and other important information to keep you updated.

Posts are listed with the most recent date starting at the top and at the bottom of the page is Older Posts. Clicking on Older Posts will expand the window and continue to list posts in date order. Also, at the bottom of each post is a Print Friendly icon.

To print the post, click on the icon, a window will open with the option to remove photos and print text only and print as a pdf. To close the window and return to post click on the X in the upper right hand corner of the window.

Located on the right side of each page, Daughters will find Search, Monthly Archives, and Search Clarion by Topic/Categories.

The Search function will perform text based searches. Type in a search such as “State Regent’s Project” and it will return any text that contains State Regent’s Project in the title or post.

Monthly Archives, which is drop down menu, displays posts sorted by the month selected. To list all the posts click on Home from the menu bar at the top of the page.

Categories, each post is placed into a category, with some posts placed in more than one. Daughters can click on a category and posts belonging to that category will be displayed with the most recent post at the top.

Along the menu bar at the top of each page is Home, California Clarion Navigation, California Chatter How-To, Communiqués How-To, and Archive.

Clicking on Home will display the main page listing the posts.

Clicking on California Clarion Navigation displays the instructions on how to navigate the site.

Clicking on California Chatter How-To displays instructions on submitting articles to the Clarion and Facebook and the CSSDAR Publication Permission Form for Non-DAR Members.

Clicking on Archive displays the link to download archives of previous years.

The goal of the California Clarion is to streamline information and provide ease of use for Daughters. To submit a suggestion or question please e-mail clarion@californiadar.org.

For more detailed information about committees and state projects, please visit the member’s website.

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