Chapter Chatter: Sierra Foothills Chapter Honors Local Veteran

The Sierra Foothills Chapter met early on the morning of Friday July 17, 2020 to participate in a special drive-by parade organized by our local California Highway Patrol. The parade honored 94-year-old Bill Howie of Oakhurst, WWII veteran and our local roadside morning greeter for the last 16 years.

Mr. Howie has served this community by waving to morning motorists, school buses, and tourists on Highway 49 in front of the CHP office “just to make everyone smile”. Because Mr. Howie no longer sees very well, commuters regularly honked and beeped to say good morning back to him. Sierra Foothills Chaplain Ellen Peterson lives nearby and loved hearing the morning greetings and knowing Mr. Howie was out there at “his post”.

The parade of over 300 vehicles with waving, cheering fans were there to say thank you and farewell to Mr. Howie who will be moving from our community to live with family. The small town of Oakhurst and the Sierra Foothills Chapter are thankful for Mr. Bill Howie’s service to our community and to our country.

Photo L-R: Lynn Talbot (Regent), Ellen Peterson (Chaplain), John Peterson (HODAR, unseen in car), Diane Ward (Secretary), Tony Ward (HODAR)

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