Announcement: Susan Broderick, State Regent-Elect Recorded Presentation…New Beginnings!

If the Spring Council meetings were held, the Council meetings to meet the Officers-elect, Daughters would be enjoying wonderful fellowship, meeting and installing the new district boards, and hearing from Susan Broderick, State Regent-elect, and members of her executive board. The venue we had planned would have been decked out in the colors of spring and we would have been hearing about…new beginnings.

We would have welcomed the current, outgoing state officers, recognized the planners of the event, honored those who served our Society these past two years, and enjoyed the company of our honorary state regents. After introductions and recognition, and perhaps a special commemorative program, we would have taken a brief recess to reconfigure the platform place cards. The officers-elect would have taken their seats on the platform.

Your state regent would have begun the day:
Good morning. It is a pleasure to welcome California Daughters and guests to our Spring (Southern or Northern) Council meeting where we will celebrate new beginnings, you will hear from your officers-elect and see friends take their oath to become district officers. Then, she would continue:

Mrs. Broderick, State Regent-elect, will present her team and their plans and share their ideas.

This year, the greeting is the same…but in the form of this Announcement. The ideas, plans, expectations for the 2020-2022 Broderick Administration are no less important because we aren’t able to be together. We are fortunate to have the electronic capability to share Mrs. Broderick’s dreams and goals in a way that every California Daughter can hear them. Every Daughter can see just where Susan and her board are directing their focus. Every Daughter can view the video format and get excited about the plans, determine to lend her support to these women willing to serve, and turn her focus to the new beginnings, simply through the link, below (after login):


Broderick New Beginnings Recorded Presentation

Enjoy your time with Mrs. Broderick!

Adele Lancaster
State Regent
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