Announcement: Annual Backyard Barbecue

The Backyard Barbecue to be held at our Headquarters in Glendora, is still scheduled for Saturday, June 6, 2020!

In addition to simply celebrating being together again and having fun, there are several things on our agenda: greeting members of the 2020-2022 CSSDAR Broderick Administration Executive Board, elected in March; installation of 2020-2022 District Boards; a surprise dedication of something special in the Oak Lea (you won’t even guess…don’t try); and the presentation of the final check of the Lancaster Administration State Regent’s project to the Gary Sinise Foundation.

Anticipating / hoping that the Governor will lift the ban and allow groups to socialize, a reservation flyer can be found on the homepage of our CSSDAR Members’ Website, or you can click on the link below:

Backyard Barbecue Flyer

Until mid-May, we will be taking reservations by check only. Once we know that we will be allowed to gather, we will add the form to the webstore for reserving with credit cards. (We will not deposit the checks until absolutely confident that we can hold the event. Checks will be returned if we cannot.)

If the ban on social gatherings is lifted, but there are still group size restrictions, we will base attendance on the “first reservations received – checks sent with printed forms – first tickets issued.” So, join your State Regent in thinking positively and send in your reservation right away.

You getting tired of your own company?
Looking forward to being together again soon!
Let’s gather for the Backyard Barbecue in Glendora, June 6th!
Adele Lancaster
State Regent
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