Announcement: Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!!!

Once again California Daughters demonstrated amazing support for California’s Children of the American Revolution at the California 112th State Conference. State Regent Lancaster allowed Daughters to bring shoes to support the California CAR state project of supporting the 501(c)(3) Organization Soles4Souls.

In case you are wondering how many pairs of shoes were deposited at the CAR table in the exhibit room…the grand total was 402 pairs of shoes! That’s a lot of shoes!!

Here is what was learned from all those shoes:
– Black was the most popular color.
– Average shoe size was 9½.

Question many members asked after dropping off shoes was: how in the world were the shoes going to be sent to Soles4Souls?

In a pre Covid-19 world, all the shoes would have been driven to the local DSW store. There is a barrel marked Soles4Souls by the check-out line accepting new and used shoes.

Thus, plan “B” was put into place. A free shipping label was downloaded, shoes were packed in the biggest boxes possible, and then they were dropped off at local UPS store.

Daughters have changed lives just by donating new and used shoes!

Holly Stover
CAR State Chair
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