Announcement: State Conference Refunds

Because a few have asked… For those of you who were unable to attend State Conference, know that we missed you … but we totally understand that the decision to stay home was difficult, yet, the right one for you. Unfortunately, the State Society will not be able to provide refunds to those unable to attend. Because of the stiff penalties, even had we canceled the event for all, due to the timing, we would have been held financially responsible and would have been unable to refund.

The March dedication at the Mission in San Diego and the two April Debbie Duay workshops are being rescheduled. We are still in a holding pattern for the May Council meetings, with a decision to be made before we begin registration for this event. But, we fully expect that the Backyard Barbecue of June 6, 2020, will be held. Hopefully, you will plan to attend this event at our State Headquarters in Glendora, to enjoy the company of good friends in a beautiful place.

We are so expecting that the virus will be under control, disruption to lives and health of our citizens will be restored to normal within the next month or two, so that we can resume what we do in DAR… make a difference through our service.

Thanks to you all for your patience and understanding. California Daughters are the best!

Adele Lancaster
State Regent
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