Announcement: Questions About State Conference

At this time there are no plans to cancel our State Conference, scheduled for March 12-15, 2020, at the San Ramon Marriott in San Ramon.

The Conference Planning Committee has been in close contact with the San Ramon Marriott regarding our upcoming meetings at the hotel. There are a number of factors that have us confident that our plans to assemble can/should continue.

1. The hotel is following the guidelines recommended by the CDC with regards to their employees to ensure the health and safety of them and their guests. This includes:
a. Washing hands frequently
b. Keeping hands away from face
c. Using hand sanitizer when water is not available
d. Staying away from work with any signs of illness… of any kind.
e. Placing hand sanitizer for guests’ use in all public areas, including entry into the meeting and dining areas

2. CSSDAR will stress the same precautions: wash hands frequently, use sanitizer, wipe down common areas, including the exhibit room, and advise anyone who is ill to stay home. Members are encouraged to bring personal sanitizer, too.

3. CSSDAR will also encourage forms of greeting other than hugging and shaking hands. Let’s be creative: The Wuhan shake, (we’ll teach you) fist bump, slight bow/nod, elbow bump… even smile – now that’s a novel idea!

4. Since we are not expecting international travelers to attend, our chances of encountering the virus are greatly diminished. International attendance is a significant factor in cancellation of most events. We are confident that health risks to Daughters will be no greater than at any other time a large number of members
gather for work and fellowship.

Your State Regent and the Conference Committee know that each member will need to make her own decision regarding attendance. We also anticipate that those who come will have a grand time celebrating achievements, doing the official work of the Society, and thoroughly enjoy time renewing and making new friendships.

Adele Lancaster, State Regent


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