State Regent’s Message: November 2019

My Dear California Daughters,

October 2019… What a month! October 2019… What a month!

What wonderful opportunities presented themselves through which California Daughters were able to Rise and Shine and Make a Difference!

Nearly 40 Daughters are now able to tell about the magic and miracles that happen to children of the Appalachians every day because a century ago Daughters of the American Revolution cared and resolved to meet the educational needs of “the least of these.” This commitment is just as strong today. Many of you joined the journey, thanks to the daily updates prepared by Brooke Stewart. But two “magical moments” for your State Regent would have been difficult to film. One highlight was having a few moments of quiet time alone with our California Girls at Tamassee. The girls wanted to share all about the wonderful tea party, their participation in the special show prepared for Founders Day, and meeting all the California Daughters who had lavished them with loving attention over the two days. They radiated “happy.”

And another was with KDS DAR. We know we provide educational support for the students in tangible ways: scholarships, classroom supplies, field trips, food and clothing to those in need. But no one could have anticipated the emotional support provided when over 100 DAR members from across the country were in the stands to watch our mismatched underdogs play their hearts out. We screamed, yelled, and cheered, believing we were making a difference, as our DAR team managed a 38 to 13 victory that cool October evening. Then, California Daughters were treated to hugs from sweaty, exhausted football players who walked through the bleachers, as the crowds thinned, to thank us for staying the entire game. It was a night to remember.

While some were on the bus, many other California Daughters were engaged in service…service that was making a difference in our communities with beach clean-up, work on cemetery projects in preparation for Wreaths Across America, projects that supported women facing physical and emotional issues, and volunteering in local classrooms. Supplies were gathered, packed, and delivered to veterans. Time was spent with severely ill and feeding the homeless, while hospitalized babies were rocked and comforted.

All chapters and districts are encouraged to report what they did to “Rise and Shine for Service.” Do include pictures to help tell the story. Share in social media, with press releases, and through  the Clarion. You will certainly want to headline your activity in your report for State Conference. CSSDAR will compile a special report and we want to include many of your projects along with the Operation Care and Comfort packing party. If your service project, in any way, was something that supported our deployed service men and women, we want to know about it. This would include writing notes, knitting hats, making cool-ties and neck gaiters, packing boxes, making runs to the post office, gathering supplies, even deliveries to a local USO. We know that many projects needed advanced planning… like collecting toys for “Fun and Games” at the September Council meetings in advance of the October packing parties. These activities, too, should be included. We need pictures and write-ups telling what you did and how it supported our deployed and those serving away from home. Watch for a Communiqué for information on when and where to send and to whom.

Messages expressing concern for Daughters experiencing the problems inherent with our wildfires have been coming in. Evacuations, power outages, issues with water and smoke damage are all too familiar. Appreciation is given to the District Directors who have been our link to members during these trying times. With each report that “all’s well,” or “evacuated are returning home,” or “damage is minimal,” and “power has been restored,” we sigh with relief and give thanks. But, we know we must be vigilant and reach out to one another when a need is known. Members wanting to “do something now,” are encouraged to look to the agencies providing first-level relief for ways to help.

As October ends and we enter November, the season of Thanksgiving, I am particularly grateful that we have the Heritage Tea this weekend, when Daughters will gather to enjoy time together in welcome friendship, when worries can be set aside for an afternoon. Those missing this special fellowship, please make plans now to gather at our State Headquarters, December 14, for the Victorian Christmas Tea. We will celebrate one another and the many ways California Daughters are making a difference through their service to God, Home, and Country.

With much love and affection,
Adele Lancaster
State Regent

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