State Regent’s Message: September 2019

My Dear California Daughters:

We are having a party!

The final touches are being put into the preparations for our Southern and Northern Council meetings. Workshop presentations finalized. Costumes readied for the Suffrage program. Place cards made for candidate seating (protocol, you know!). Prizes gathered for the parade winners. Certificates filed. Scripts and oral reports reviewed again, and again…and then one more time. Boxes are already decorated to collect the toys and games! You are probably getting your floats ready, period or patriotic dress in order, and your toys together. This State Regent and your board love coming to your meetings and celebrations; we are looking forward to seeing you at ours!

This summer District Directors gathered, working together to review, learn, share, and plan. They have, in turn, held their summer planning meetings with district and chapter leadership to do the same. And chapter leaders are doing their best to communicate with members, sharing information, telling of opportunities, and encouraging each to share the good news of DAR… all to become even more engaged in the work of our Society.

Some of this summer planning was centered on the October DAR Day(s) of Service. Though the official “Day” is October 11, to celebrate the founding of our Society in a most fitting style, our President General is well aware that it isn’t feasible for everyone to gather on one particular day. Consequently, Days of Service will be celebrated throughout the state in October. Chapters and districts are already planning. Here are a couple of
special ideas:

Toys and Games being collected at the September Council meetings will be sent overseas to deployed service personnel. Toys of the old fashion variety, “no batteries needed.” (List on the website.) Two organizations have been identified to include our toys in their care packages:

Southern California – Operation Gratitude – Chatsworth
Cathey Sinai –
October 12, 2019 ~ 9:00-Noon
Northern California – Operation Care and Comfort – San Jose
Robin Hurwitz –
October 27, 2019 ~ 9:00-Noon

Arrangements have been made for Daughters to participate in the packing of care packages at both facilities. If you or your chapter are near enough and interested, contact the coordinator named above. What a grand way for many, many California Daughters to gather together for this common purpose! Your State Regent looks forward to participating in San Jose!

Whatever you do, though, wherever you do it, take pictures… record your service. This is one picture that every Chapter Regent should be sharing in her oral report at State Conference in March.

Know your purpose and passion and work to satisfy both. Words that speak to just what California Daughters do when we are “Making a Difference through our service to God, Home, and Country!”

With much love and affection,
Adele Lancaster
CSSDAR State Regent

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