Announcement: CSSDAR Library Updated Wish List

The CSSDAR Library Wish List for the Heritage Center at the Fresno Public Library has been updated and available on the CSSDAR Website. There are over 40 new listings, which include resources for California, Georgia, Virginia, Maryland and more. The DAR Library in Fresno will be thrilled with anything you wish to contribute. Remember, books make wonderful ways to recognize speakers, remember honor loved ones, and just make a difference.

When ordering books, be sure to use the ADOPT A BOOK ORDER FORM or the CSSDAR COLLECTION GIFT APPROVAL FORM found on the Librarian’s webpage on the CSSDAR Members’ Website when ordering books. Links to both forms are available below.

The State Librarian must approve your order before it is purchased or sent to the library. You can always contact this State Librarian for approval. After approval, the Librarian will purchase your request and send it to the DAR Library in Fresno.

Linda Winthers
State Librarian
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