State Regent’s Message: June 2019

My Dear Daughters,
Time continues to fly! Or, as I say to my board, “The fun never stops!” I cannot believe that in just a few short weeks, I will celebrate the first anniversary of having been installed as your State Regent. It has been an awesome responsibility and an amazing year! Thank you!

This Saturday, June 1st, over 150 Daughters and their guests will be on hand to dedicate the headquarters enhancement project, known as the Oak Lea. Carol Jackson, Beverly Moncrieff and I are so pleased that this project can be called “complete,” and Daughters visiting Glendora will be able to enjoy themselves outside, under the old oak trees… just as they do inside among the century-old furnishings of our Craftsman home.

This past year has seen, too, Daughters support Daughters during some dark hours… sharing love and compassion. We experienced the traditional, the experimental, and the fun at our State Conference. We volunteered over 870,000 hours in service to make a difference in our chapters and communities. (Have you logged your hours? Will we “claim” one million in time for Congress?) We honored those who serve with handmade friendship bracelets for deployed service personnel and shared personal care items with deployed women in our Armed Forces. In addition, the “kitchen shower” items were made available to VA facilities, young service men and women setting up first-time homes, and newly returned from overseas.

Now, this next year, we will focus the State Regent’s Project on the needs of several severely wounded veterans and first responders by assisting the Gary Sinise Foundation R.I.S.E. Program with the kitchens in Smart Homes… homes built to meet the specific physical needs of the injured. Our contributions will be directed to the kitchen, “where loved ones gather and meals and memories are made.” Your donations and the profit from the various product sales will be making a statement to the recipients. California Daughters do care… and want to make a difference!

This summer during Continental Congress, Daughters will make decisions that reflect the direction of our Society. A new Executive Board will be elected and installed. Seven additional Daughters will be elected to serve as Vice Presidents General. There will be several Bylaw changes to consider. And Daughters will vote on the direction to continue to provide insignia – either through an outside vendor or in-house, working directly with the manufacturers. Please, it is really important that you read the information found on the NSDAR Daughters’ Website. A year-long study, preceding the contract renewal process, gives background information and answers questions. Two opportunities to ask your own questions are scheduled during Congress, too. However you vote, whatever you believe is in the best interest of our Society, make it an informed decision.

Enjoy the summer… plan great things for next year… stay connected to one another… become even better friends. Find ways that you can use your skills and passions… your special gifts… so that California Daughters continue to be recognized for “making a difference through our service to God, Home, and Country!”

Much love and affection,
Adele Lancaster
State Regent

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