State Regent Announcement: Service to America Hours – Deadline June 15, 2019

Just recently the Southwest Division Chairman of the Service to America Committee informed this State Regent that California Daughters have logged just over 870,000 hours for Service to America, representing your volunteer hours during the three years of the Dillon Administration. Do you realize just how close we are to 1 million hours?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to hear at Continental Congress that California had arrived at that number, knowing you were a part of the grand accomplishment?

Please! Take a moment to log your hours. We could so easily reach the 1 million mark, if all Daughters were to record for 2019, beginning January 1 through June 15. Still not sure how? Have someone record them for you or walk you through the process. Logging your volunteer hours gives evidence of your service… service that is the hallmark of the California State Society. California Daughters are active in communities, children’s and grandchildren’s schools, churches, assisting friends in need, and doing the work of your chapter and committee.

You are truly making a difference through your service to God, Home, and Country. Let’s show just how much.

Please see additional message from Committee Co-Chairs Whitney Crane and Jean Thomas. Note particularly the Quick Tip regarding “batching” your hours.

“We want a society founded on service.”
— Eugenia Washington, DAR Founder.

Entering hours on the Online Tally helps to capture all of the great volunteer work that DAR members are doing in their communities.

President General Ann Turner Dillon set a goal to reach 19 million hours of community service in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the congressional approval of the 19th Amendment. We heard all of the chapter reports at State Conference and know that California Daughters are out in their communities doing amazing work! We have until June 15th to get all those hours entered.

Link to Online Tally

Quick Tip: You can batch up to 500 hours at a time. For example, if you volunteer 10 hours every week, you can enter create one entry for 240 hours for January 1 through June 15. And it doesn’t even have to be the same activity! Just enter one date and report the total number of hours for all activities. Then use the narrative box to briefly explain the different activities that make up the total number of hours you are reporting.

Reminder: All of your DAR work counts, too! This includes; paging at State Conference, preparing chapter yearbooks and newsletters, serving as a chapter/state/national officer or chairman (including planning, communicating with members, and chapter board meetings), genealogy research including processing applications– just to name a few.

Please help support President General Ann Turner Dillon’s efforts in stressing that Service to America is our organization’s first and foremost reason for existing by entering your hours on the Online Tally and contributing to the goal of 19 million hours.

California Daughters are approaching 1 million of those hours. We can make it, but only with your help.

If you have any questions, please contact either State Co-Chair. They are there to help!

Whitney Crane,
Jean Thomas,

Thank you for all that you do, in DAR Service,

Adele Lancaster
State Regent
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