Committee Announcement: Chapter Membership Award Winners Announced

At the beginning of the Dillon Administration, the National Society’s Membership Committee introduced multiple awards to recognize membership achievement.  Congratulations to California Chapters that have earned recognition at every award level.

There is an annual award, the Trekker Award, which is given to chapters that have achieved at least a 10% gain in membership and have not lost more than 2% of their members due to non-payment of dues. Twelve California chapters have won this award for their accomplishments in 2018. They are: Aurantia, Antelope Valley, Bakersfield, Center of the Valley, El Dorado, Emigrant Trail, Los Gatos, Patience Wright, Point Vicente, Presidio, Rancho Simi, and Western Shores.There are three additional awards that are given for membership achievement over the THREE year Dillon Administration. They are:

The Trailblazer Award: chapters that have averaged at least a 25% gain in new members by application and a loss of not more than 5% over three years. Eight California chapters have achieved this distinction: Antelope Valley, Bakersfield, El Dorado, Del Norte, Jose Marie Amador, Linares, Refugio del Celo, and Samuel Ramsey.

The Summit Award: chapters that have achieved at least a 10% increase in members all three years of the Dillon Administration and who have not lost more than 2% of members due to non-payment of dues. Presidio chapter was one of ten DAR chapters recognized world wide for this achievement.

The Silver Arrow Award: chapters that have gained at least 10% new members by application for each of the last three years and have lost not more than 1% of members due to nonpayment of dues. This is the highest-level award given and Point Vicente chapter was one of thirty chapters world wide to achieve this top award.

The distinction achieved by Seventeen California chapters is a testament to the hard work of many people. It is not just an emphasis on recruitment but also a focus on retention that makes us successful. The Silver Arrow Newsletter, published quarterly on the NSSDAR website Membership Committee Page,  includes best practices for the recruitment and retention of members. You can also find information on the CSSDAR members’ website under Committees, State Committees, Membership.

Remember membership is everyone’s job! If we all reach out to recruit family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and other community volunteers, welcome them, and involve them in meaningful activities, we will see our membership grow.

Our NSSDAR goal is 250,000 members by our Nation’s 250th birthday in 2033. We CAN DO IT. If every chapter achieves what our seventeen award winning chapters have achieved we will reach that goal!

Phyllis Lynes
State Membership Chair
626 390 9421

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