State Regent’s Message: April 2019

My Dear California Daughters,

April Showers bring May Flowers… we had the rain early this year and signs of spring are everywhere. New life and signs of hope are seen in the green hills and amazing displays of flowers throughout the state. And work has begun in Glendora to finish the Oak Lea enhancement project. We believe you will be pleased and impressed with the addition and will enjoy the peaceful place for visiting and reflecting. Do plan to attend the dedication scheduled for Saturday, June 1, 2019. We’ll celebrate together with a backyard barbecue. Watch for reservation details coming soon.

It was made abundantly clear at State Conference that California Daughters are making a difference through your service to God, Home, and Country! Chapter activities that speak to members’ passions, as well as accomplishments that illustrate Daughters’ service to our communities, were featured in reports of the State Committee Chairs, the District Directors, and Chapter Regents. Much has been done this past year for our veterans and active-duty military and to honor patriotic citizenship. Your support for education is commendable. And historic preservation was seen through commemorative events and placing of markers to memorialize important people and places. Efforts to protect our heritage for posterity through conservation and preservation were highlighted. We have much for which to be proud!

An Announcement with an online survey link has been sent to Chapter Regents asking them to forward it to members who were in Irvine or followed State Conference on Facebook. The Announcement/survey link is provided, below, and will be on the Clarion. You are encouraged to share your thoughts and provide feedback.

For the past months, we have been mentioning the devastating fires of last November and the collection of gift cards and coupons. Just prior to State Conference, boxes were sent to our fellow Daughters who suffered great loss. Needless to say, recipients were overwhelmed. Your State Regent received a particularly poignant message after one box was opened. Because she expresses so clearly what she and others, too, have said, Pam Weaver of the Chico Chapter was asked for permission to share her message. She was grateful for the opportunity to share with you all.

Dear Madam State Regent,

This afternoon in the mail I received a package full of love and prayers. I was so taken aback by such generosity, kind words and compassion from so many Daughters across our country. 

Tomorrow morning, March 8, will be four months since I drove away from my beloved home, into the flames going down Clark Road, leaving Paradise. My heart has been heavy, as I slowly move forward each day. Today a lot of that weight felt as if it was lifted off as I felt the love and kindness from you and so many Daughters, packed into a box. Thank you seems so little to say when such a large and kind gift was received, but I do thank you and all the Daughters.

Madam State Regent, I thank you for all you do for our State Society and one Daughter who lives in our State. The gift cards and coupons will go very far in helping me replace that which went up in flames, but the kindness they represent has already helped heal my lost spirit.

Please let Wendy Malone, State Organizing Secretary, know how much I appreciated reading all the letters, notes and cards that were sent to headquarters. The love and support that came through was beyond words and so comforting.

Thankfully yours,

Pam Weaver

Yes, California Daughters, you do make a difference… one state, one community, one chapter, and certainly, one member at a time!

Much love and appreciation,
Adele Lancaster
State Regent


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