State Regent’s Message: March 2019

My Dear Daughters,

What a grand 90th birthday party was held for our California Madonna of the Trail! Many Daughters came… some visiting the monument and HQ for the first time! Janice Swayze, Barbara McMahon, Kathy Holloway, Sherrie Stein and Kathy Witt – Great job! Thank you!!

Our 111th State Conference is practically upon us! Just think, for over 110 years, Daughters have gathered together to celebrate successes, present awards, and do the business of our Society. There are many things in store: some traditional, some experimental, and some, just for fun!

Two special events will focus on women/women’s issues as we move toward celebrating the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment in 2020: Women’s right to vote! First, some of you will be in Irvine early enough to watch Iron-Jawed Angels, a movie that will have all viewers vowing to never miss an election! If you are not at the movie night, you might consider having a showing in your own living room.  Invite members of all ages, then plan for discussion afterwards.

Friday morning we all will be taking a look at another issue, one facing women today. A panel, including a world-renowned specialist and two survivors, will provide important information about ovarian cancer – the silent killer – in a presentation titled:

Ignorance Is Not Bliss or If I Only Knew Then What I Know Now!

Equipped with factual information, you may find yourself able to provide support that will truly make a difference in the life of a woman you know and love… or one you simply encounter.

That afternoon we will tackle the question of the Revised Bylaws. Come prepared. View the last webinar, March 6th at 6:00pm. Leonora Branca, chair of the Revision Committee, has done an excellent job at explaining the process, and reviewing the changes being recommended by the committee.

Opening Night, Andrew Carroll, of the Center for American War Letters at Chapman University, will share and truly entertain with War Letters…From Behind the Lines. And district and chapter reports will be presented in a very different – dare we say, “experimental” – way.

Now, you really want to be in Irvine… but family commitments are making it impossible? You don’t have to miss anything. Conference Online Co-chairs Linda Unrue and Renee Evans, will be providing Conference Online. If you are on Facebook and a member of the California Daughters’ closed page, look for posts there. (   If you are not on Facebook, those posts will be summed up in the Clarion. ( For those of you at Conference, please share your photos to or text to 858-248-6820.

State Conference will be in the past by mid-March… but the DAR beat goes on. Chapter Regents have all received their Credentials Packet for the 128th Continental Congress. Dates: June 26 – 30, 2019 in Washington, D.C. Very precise information is provided. Delegates and Alternates MUST be elected on or before April 1, 2019. Chapter Credentials form must have a postmarked cancellation date no later than April 15, 2019. Help each other to meet deadlines. So many things are happening in our lives, better to have reminders than leave getting things done to chance and good luck.

Always grand when we get together… for whatever the reason… but especially to celebrate the many ways California Daughters… are making a difference through our service to God, Home, and Country!   See you in Irvine!

Much love and appreciation,

Adele Lancaster
State Regent

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