State Regent’s Message: February 2019

My Dear Daughters,

Time flies…when you’re having fun….engaged in service…and getting ready for State Conference… where “Out West… Daughters Make a Difference!”

By now, chapters have completed their Chapter Master Reports (CMR) and sent in supplemental reports to State Chairs in areas where their work excelled.  Service hours have been recorded to reflect the many ways Daughters “made a difference” throughout 2018. You have elected delegates to State Conference… and are encouraging other members to attend, too.

This month finds districts meeting to celebrate each other’s achievements. Workshops are held, information shared, and friendships are encouraged. All is the forerunner to March, when we meet together as a large body to do the same: celebrate, learn, and forge lasting friendships.

This year, to prepare, delegates (other members, too) are encouraged to read through the proposed Bylaws that will be recommended for adoption by the Bylaws Revision Committee. They are found on the Members’ Website homepage directly under the Call to Conference and linked on the Call to Conference page, too. Take advantage of the webinar scheduled for Wednesday, February 13th at 10:00am, with another in early March. Details to follow.  Listen to the presentation and ask your clarifying questions. Be ready, this is a very important vote.

District Directors and Chapter Regents are busy preparing for a totally new, almost, way to give their reports. Written reports with full details of the chapter’s work and accomplishments are expected and will be part of the State Conference printed Proceedings. However, the new oral reporting will be enhanced with the use of multimedia. Not only do we anticipate that you will enjoy the reports, but that time will be netted allowing for more time talking with committee chairs in the exhibit room and visiting with friends.

Thinking of visiting, not only will you get to know the State Regents from Arizona and Iowa, but Lori Bailey, CEO of Tamassee DAR School, will be with us for the week, too. Daughters will have the opportunity to talk with her, ask about our California Girls in the CA Pouch Cottage, find out just how much our interaction with the girls means to them, and how the new California Server will help serve children more effectively.

Just as Daughters made a difference with their Kitchen Shower items at the Council meetings in September, you will have a similar opportunity attached to the Patriotism Luncheon. Personal care items will be collected, used as luncheon centerpieces, and then prepared for shipping to service women deployed overseas. Hear of the impact of these gifts through the keynote speaker from Operation Courage. Watch for details in the Announcement sent today from AnnaLisa Lauer-Hansing, Project Patriot Chair.

Much tradition, much new… all planned to celebrate our accomplishments and our relationships as Daughters… Daughters dedicated to Making a Difference through our service to God, Home, and Country.

Please come.

Much love and appreciation,

Adele Lancaster
State Regent

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