Announcement: Fire Relief Donations Accepted Through February 1, 2019

You read in the State Regent’s January message that the count now stands at 21 for the number of California Daughters who lost their homes or sustained severe damage in the Camp and Wolsey Fires. In Northern California, 16 Daughters from the small Golden Nugget Chapter in Paradise, one from the Chico Chapter, one from the Feather River Chapter in Oroville; and in Southern California, three from the Malibu Chapter in Malibu. The number is high, but, when one watched the burning, the property destroyed, even the lives lost, it is a miracle that we did not sustain even greater losses. The pronoun “we” is used because, as we know, what can happen to one Daughters, can affect us all.

To support the victims of these fires, the State Society will continue to collect gift cards (Target and Walmart preferred), cash that will purchase other cards useful in both areas of the state, and collect discount coupons, particularly for Bed, Bath, and Beyond, because their outdated coupons are still redeemable. Checks are to be written payable to CSSDAR Treasurer, with “Fire Relief” in the memo line. All should be mailed to our State Headquarters in Glendora:

CSSDAR Headquarters
P. O. Box 1436
Glendora, CA 91740-1436

Donations will be accepted through February 1, 2019, so that we can get help to these Daughters in need in early February.

To help realize the impact, see the open letter from Dianne Wrona in the California Clarion. To encourage contributing the coupons, see the Announcement – Chapter Challenge from Kay Arnold, Piedmont Chapter Registrar, also in the California Clarion.

For additional information, contact Wendy Malone, State Organizing Secretary at:

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