Chapter Chatter: Reflection on Daughters Supporting Daughters, Paradise and Other Fire Victims: an Open Letter from Dianne Wrona, Chico Chapter

While wildfires in the State of California are becoming all too common and happen all too frequently, somehow human kindness reigns. Sadly, the recent Camp Fire in Northern California broke records in many ways: speed of spread, miles charred, buildings demolished, over 14,000 homes burned beyond recognition and the deadliest fire in California history currently standing at 85 deceased.

What has come out of their NorCal tragedy is the outpouring of love and caring for those suffering. The complete loss of everything is often more than one can bear, but the strength of the community of Paradise, Magalia and beyond has reached new heights. Our local Daughters are no exception. Meeting and speaking with members of the Paradise Golden Nugget and Chico chapters who have lost so much has been inspiring as we hear gut-wrenching stories of survival and yet amazing determination to carry on.

Chico’s love and respect for these strong beautiful women was ever present Saturday, December 8th at the Chico Chapter meeting. The Chico Chapter and guests rallied support for our local Daughters who have suffered loss of home and community. In a matter of a few hours $390.00 in gift cards were collected and an additional $541.00 in cash was given to purchase more gift cards for our Daughters in need.

Generosity abounds in ways other than monetary means as well. Every Daughter has assisted in donations of goods and money, cooking, fostering pets, housing displaced family, friends and co-workers, as well as volunteering countless hours helping at shelters, churches, and other evacuation sites. People are giving their larger homes up to let young families live in them. One Daughter moved to a smaller trailer on her property so a pregnant mother could be more comfortable in her house.

Heartwarming stories of extreme generosity to make things easier for those displaced and now homeless, while they brace for the huge task of rebuilding their lives, can be heard at every single place one goes in the communities surrounding the burn area. We are proud to be part of this giving Society of Daughters and give willingly to those in need.

Submitted by: Shelly Rossi, Chico Chapter Regent

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