Announcement: Final Stretch to Enter Your 2018 Service to America Hours

Thank you, California DAR Daughters who have responded and are actively entering their Service to America volunteer hours. There is one chapter, not the largest in the state, that has accumulated over 11,000 hours–which is by far the highest to date. Another of our smaller chapters, with only twenty members, has logged over 3,000 hours; a 56-member chapter has over 9,000 hours. ALL of our members are to be congratulated for the many activities they have done to promote DAR as a SERVICE ORGANIZATION.

As we come to the final stretch in the next four weeks, PLEASE, PLEASE, Regents, encourage your members to log into the SERVICE TO AMERICA ONLINE TALLY and finish up 2018 with an extraordinary effort to meet your goal for the year. President ANN DILLON deserves to be honored for her leadership and dedication to our National Society and California Daughters can help do that by entering those hours on the tally.

The CSSDAR Members’ Website has information on acceptable community service hours and directions to log your hours and is available from this link:

Service to America Online Tally Information

May the holidays bring peace and joy to you and yours.

Please do not hesitate to contact either Co-Chair if you have questions.

Jean Thomas & Whitney Crane
Service to America Co-Chairs

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