State Regent’s Message: December 2018

CA Daughters… Making a difference through our service to God, Home, and Country

My Dear California Daughters,

In her message, A Time for Gratitude and Focus, (Daughters Newsletter, November/ December), Mrs. Dillon, President General, spoke directly to California Daughters without calling us by name. She spoke of Thanksgiving as “often lost between Halloween and Christmas.” But for her, it is “probably the most important holiday of the year.” This year, with fires burning and great loss to property, we still had so many things for which to give thanks. Foremost, Daughters lives were spared in Paradise and Southern California (Malibu). Members found refuge with family and friends. Life is still unsettled for many. But, life knows how to recover and will. Too, Daughters, as sister-members, are reaching out to help. Donations are still being made through check and webstore contributions and gift card collections. There will be a location at our annual Victorian Christmas Tea to receive gift cards. Some of the monetary donations will purchase gift cards for Bed, Bath, and Beyond. If you have discount coupons to this store, to help to stretch the dollars, consider sharing them, too. (They don’t expire.) Your prayers, comments of care, and contributions speak exactly to the inspiration for our State theme, when the little boy said, as he tossed another sea star into the water: Made a difference to this one. You are doing the same, making a difference…one Daughter at a time.

Our thanksgiving continues as we quickly enter the days of joy and hope… and sharing. We begin this season sharing the joy of friendship over tea. The Headquarters Committee has prepared our “home” for the holidays and will be there to greet you. This promises to be a wonderful gathering of friends… old and new… a time to relax and enjoy. US Marines will be on hand to collect new, unwrapped toys for distribution during the holidays. Consider supporting this effort.

By the time you read this, your chapter Treasurer will have submitted your dues and handled other responsibilities that keep your chapter in good standing. Thank her!

Chairmen for several of the State Committees have reminded you of deadlines and are prepared to accept nominations for Outstanding Teachers of American History and nominations for Outstanding Veteran Volunteers, Outstanding Youth Volunteers and Outstanding DAR Service for Veterans. There are people in every community who are making a difference in classrooms every day. And others, serving our veterans and active military in such meaningful ways, also, making a difference every day. They need to be recognized and thanked.

Don’t forget, too, that DAR has a means to recognize any member of any community who is using gifts of time, talents, and passions to serve others… to make a difference. Consider recognizing these people with the Community Service Award. Look for those, especially, who went well beyond their normal service during the troubled times created by the fires. This might be a wonderful time to recognize what they do quietly every day.

Though it is still December, it isn’t too early to think a little about what’s coming. CSSDAR will jump-start the New Year. Watch for Announcements regarding another state-organized genealogy workshop at the Sacramento Family History Center in January; the celebration to be held at our Headquarters in February to mark the 90th “birthday” of the Madonna of the Trail.

The Call to Conference, with new and exciting events, will be distributed in early January. You will want to make your plans early as some events will be limited to the first who register. Even early information will be shared regarding the first-ever DAR School Tour for CA Daughters. Watch for these and other Announcements. Don’t miss out!

Though the days of December will be busy, always are, and you get caught up in the “doing and going,” do make time to reflect. Reflect on your blessings… reasons for your thanks-giving. Recall how you, using your special gifts, are making a difference to someone you might not even know and be pleased. Recall how someone has made a difference in your life and be thankful.

Wishing you the best this season has to offer…

With much love and gratitude,
Adele Lancaster
State Regent


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