Committee Update: Women’s Issues Committee Essay Contest Deadline January 15, 2019

The Women’s Issues Committee, in addition to empowering women in the area of health, family, and career throughout the year, provides Daughters the opportunity to share their experience in these areas by writing an essay and entering the Women’s Issues Contest.  The essay topics are:

*Health Issues – Issues of health can affect the family and one’s career. Issues can be personal in nature or can include the health of a family member or a friend. Caring for others can affect one’s personal health, both physically and mentally. When writing your essay on this topic, describe the health issue, how you researched the ailment, and how it affected the people involved.

*Family Issues – Families are defined as a group of people who co-exist together whether living in the same dwelling or not. Today, in our society, the family could include friends and neighbors, as well as those with whom we work. Family provides valuable support in times of trial and is there with you to celebrate time of joy. Share the situation in your writing and how difficulties were overcome and how the joys of success were celebrated.

*Career Issues – Career issues can impact women by over powering one’s sense of being. This in turn can impact the well-being of the family unit. Policies that affect women in the workplace are challenging and can be non-supportive. The issues could include continuing education, re-entering the work force or changing professions. When writing an essay for this topic, include the challenges faced and how you handled them.

*Women’s Issues Contest – Share your experience concerning challenges of maintaining a balanced life in relation to Health, Family, or Career. Only one essay per member per year is accepted. The essay must be titled, typed, and limited to 1,800 words. A cover page must give the member’s name, chapter, national number, address, telephone number, email address (if available), essay title and category of essay.

All entries much reach the State Chair by January 15, 2019. Please submit entries to the state chair via email attachment, if possible.  For more information contact:

Susan Dawson, State Chair                                                                        Sheryl Kolt, State Vice Chair

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