Announcement: It’s Crunch Time for Service to America Hours!

California Daughters:

IT IS CRUNCH TIME! There are ONLY TWO MONTHS left to log on and record your SERVICE TO AMERICA HOURS. No more dilly dally! Did you know that ALL DAR work counts on the Online Tally? Start NOW and get it done.

Congratulations to those chapters and members who have logged in their volunteer service hours. Some chapters have reached or even surpassed the suggested total hours goals that were handed out at both Northern and Southern Councils. That is GREAT! And a big THANK YOU. Even our Members-At-Large with no chapter affiliation, have logged in 955 hours. That is amazing!

As of November 1st, California has logged a total of 146,978 hours. That is an increase from last month but our goal for 2018 is 307,000 hours. This is doable. So ladies we have some catching up to do. You can enter up to 500 hours on one entry.

The CSSDAR website has information on acceptable community service hours and directions to log your hours and is available from this link:

Don’t save entering until the last day—do it NOW

Service to America Online Tally Information

Regents, PLEASE, PLEASE see that your members have the assistance they need to log their many hours that we all know DAR members do for their chapters and community. See that YOUR chapter is participating in this mission to MOVE FORWARD IN SERVICE TO AMERICA.

Please do not hesitate to contact either Co-Chair if you have questions.

Jean Thomas & Whitney Crane

Service to America Co-Chairs


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