California State Board of Directors – State Treasurer

As we know, the finance world is ever changing and DAR is no exception. Rules get tighter, processes need more detail, and documentation is more substantial. It can be difficult to keep up with everything when you thought you only signed on as a treasurer to collect dues and write a couple of checks. Anyone who has been working in the DAR finance world knows that things have become more involved over the last few years. My goal this year is to help treasurers navigate through the various financial processes by providing clear and simple instructions, while utilizing a consolidated toolbox of resources to perform the duties. In the near future, treasurers will have a toolbox on the new website created just for them. It will consist of forms, instructions, and links to important websites all in one place. In the interim, the Treasurer Toolbox is located on this officer’s web page, so please visit soon. 

The start of a new administration is never complete without the announcement of changes, so here are the highlights:

  • No payments are to be made to districts as their primary responsibility has returned to dissemination of information.
  • Submit the DAR Magazine advertising fee on the State Remittance form at the time of annual dues payments.
  • All payments to the State Treasurer will be mailed to CSSDAR Headquarters expediting the deposits while eliminating additional stops and delays.
  • A Quick Reference List of National and State dues and fees, including reinstatements and transfers is now available.
  • Member donations for State Regent’s Projects, State designated projects, endowments, and trust funds are now to be submitted on the new CSSDAR Member Donation Form.  A donation may be indicated as an honorarium or memorial as well.

Unlike the real world, the future of the CSSDAR financial world is looking quite bright! To provide California Daughters more payment options, they will have the ability to purchase State Regent’s Project items and register and pay for state events via the internet using a credit card. Be sure to watch for this exciting announcement in the near future.  

This officer is thankful to serve the State Society and is very excited to continue moving us forward on all financial issues.      

Gayle Mooney
State Treasurer

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