State Regent’s Message – November 2018

Just a week ago, we held our first CSSDAR initiated Paper Party at the Family SearchLibrary in Sacramento, one of five in California. Thirty Daughters and eight Volunteer Genies used this exceptional facility to prove ancestors for prospective members and had time, too, for supplemental research. A casual lunch together allowed attendees to celebrate research successes and share suggestions. The event, deemed a success, will be replicated during State Conference at the FamilySearch Library in Orange County. The purpose is to introduce members to facilities in our own backyards that will help to fulfill our responsibility to “grow membership.” Watch, too, for sign-up information about the week-long Genealogy Trip to Salt Lake City, which will feature seminars given daily by Debbie Duay. This trip in April is designed for anyone with the time and desire to entrench themselves into very serious research.

Also, coming soon, will be various announcements regarding State Conference with information about special opportunities that will be available to Daughters. For example, this year’s Debutante Celebration, with requests from many, will feature an opportunity for dancing to conclude the evening. This would be a wonderful year to introduce your niece, daughter or granddaughter to the opportunities in DAR and our Society to them. We are also offering a Movie Night, free, but with limited seating, to the earliest registrants. And, as mentioned, a Day of Genealogy Research at a local facility is being planned. For this, too, registration will be limited. You will want to make your Conference reservations quickly when the Call to Conference is released in January.

You should have noticed that the invitation to our 36th Annual Victorian Christmas Tea is on the website. Reservations can be made by following the mailing directions or using the convenience of the webstore on our members’ only website. According to research done by Headquarters Administrative Committee Chair Joan Bogaty, the premier opening of our DAR State Headquarters house, purchased in 1982, was the inaugural tea, attended by nearly 600 Daughters and guests! We will take a look at other memorable milestones for this annual event during a special presentation when guests are introduced. Please, make plans to begin this holiday season in Glendora, joining the State Board and dear friends in a lovely afternoon, planned exclusively for you by Kathy Witt, HQ Events Coordinator and the dedicated HQ Committee.

Two outstanding commemorative presentations were made in September and October. Sherrie Stein, State Commemorative Events Chair, provided the 100th Anniversary of Women in the Marine Corps at our Fall Council meetings. Barbara McMahon, State Chaplain, in recognition of the 100th Anniversary of the ending of World War I – signing the Treaty of Versailles, November 11, 1918 – provided a very interesting story of Moina Michael – The Woman Who Made a Difference. Ms. Michael, in her desire to recognize and honor the thousands of veterans who served in World War I, introduced the simple red poppy still worn, serving as a reminder of thanks to the men and women who gave so much for our country’s freedom. Both of these programs will soon be available through the CA Members’ Website – Commemorative Events Committee page – where these resources can be retrieved and used as chapter programs or for other presentations.

Special thanks to Linda Winthers, Donna Riegel, and Barbara McMahon who were responsible for our very special October state-sponsored events. These, coupled with marker dedications, anniversary celebrations, Junior/Page sleepover, Day of Service activities, State Conference planning, chapter and district meetings, had all of your officers enjoying time in fellowship with you. These opportunities clearly demonstrate that in so very many ways,  California Daughters are making a difference through their service to God, Home, and Country.

With much affection and gratitude,
Adele Lancaster
State Regent

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