Announcement: Actual Submission Deadline for Constitution Week Poster Contest is January 15, 2019

The actual submission deadline date for the Constitution Week Poster Contest is January 15, 2019! Hearty thanks to Mandy Dunkle of Mission Viejo Chapter who queried immediately. Please accept my apology for the date flub. Mea culpa.

RE: Poster Contest Awards. We have permission to create our own Poster Contest Award Categories for State recognition. Prize certificates and ribbons will be awarded (First through Honorable Mention) in the following categories:

5-9 years old; 10-12 years old; 13-17 years old; 18 and above. Two overall Grand Prizes will be awarded as well. These two will be forwarded to the Division for the National competition. Prize winning posters will be displayed at the State Conference. Please, do make certain the entry form is filled out completely for each artist, and a parent’s signature is affixed for the artists under 18. Non-DAR members must be sponsored by a chapter. A note to the younger artists: National has chosen artwork executed by younger artists. Inspiration and creativity are key attributes.

Lastly, the first Constitution Minute is now posted on the State Constitution Week Committee webpage and in the Regent’s Toolbox. Look for a new one each month. The WWI History Minutes (September and October) are posted on the American History and Commemorative Events webpages and in the Regent’s Toolbox.

Thank you very much for your emails and queries! Wishing you much inspiration as you delve into our Constitution-the beacon of liberty that gave hope during the last days of the Great War.

Yours in Patriotic Service,

Sarah Towne-di Cicco
Constitution Week Chair


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