Service to America: Members at Large, Count Those Hours!

Attention all MEMBERS AT LARGE!  Your volunteer service hours are also needed to keep California Service To America Online Tally growing.  There is a box to check on the Online Tally for the Members At Large which is totaled into the California hours.  If you know a Member At Large, please inform them of this opportunity to help California DAR.

There were questions asked at the recent Northern Council meetings about what hours can be added to the tally from Council meetings.  The time spent at various workshops at Southern or Northern Council,  i.e., Financial, Membership growth, Genealogy, participating in Community Classroom, making Friendship bracelets for our Vets,  Constitution Week displays.  All the volunteer hours you spend promoting DAR and bringing information to the community and  sharing with the chapter count for Service to America Service hours.

Webinars do not count, nor just attending chapter meetings or driving time to do the service. We understand some of you drive long distances to transport patients for medical services, but so far that time driving has yet to be listed as acceptable.     But those preparing the agenda, doing financial reports, secretaries, preparing the Newsletter–these are all DAR duties and are acceptable hours.

Let’s See California Rise and Shine!

If you have questions contact Service to America Co-Chairs:

Whitney Crane :

Jean Thomas, :

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