State Regent’s Message – July 2018

CA Daughters… Making a difference through our service to God, Home, and Country

My Dear California Daughters,

Welcome back to your revamped CSSDAR members’ only website!

Congratulations to the entire VIS team for this successful launch!

My sincerest appreciation to Linda Unrue, our new VIS Chair/Webmaster and several others of note: Kathy Watson, Karen Kurtz, Kristine Belanger, Joy Ross, Sharon Garrison, Susan Holder, and Mandy Dunkle,  for their many hours of careful, diligent work to change “the skin” to reflect the new administration, to alter forms, to update committee information and contacts, to provide and activate new links, meshing all moving parts into this useful tool… a tool vital to all aspects of communication within our Society. They deserve our appreciation and respect for the awesome service provided for our benefit. I am confident they will need to continue adding and refining and will appreciate our patience as they do so.

We anticipate that within the next two weeks, the Yearbook/Directory will be added. Kristine Wood, State Corresponding Secretary, can only work as quickly as chapter and district leaders provide their necessary information.

You will see a newly refreshed California Clarion – one that invites chapters and districts to share their work and activities… where others can find inspiration. Make sure to submit your stories and subscribe to the California Clarion to receive via email.

Check the committee web pages regularly. Many chairs will be adding/changing “tips” and share success stories. Yours might be featured!

Navigation through the website remains the same. You won’t need to learn a new system. Members are encouraged to review the website, browse often for the most current information, and look for new features that help you find the information you need. And, if/when, errors are seen, please reach out so they can be corrected. We realize no team would be able, though tries, to catch everything. You can help to keep the website as accurate as possible.

The work of the VIS Committee has been dedicated to making the most effective informational tool possible for you, California Daughters, so you can do your best to continue to make a difference through your service to God. Home, and Country.

With much appreciation and affection,

Adele Lancaster                                                                                                                                            State Regent



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