State Regent’s Message – October 2017

Dear California Daughters,

Didn’t September whiz by for our California Society?  We enjoyed wonderful celebrations at our Northern and Southern Fall Councils, kicked off the year for 113 chapters around the state, and met the candidates who have expressed their willingness to serve in the next CSSDAR Administration (see their information flyers on the state website).

Congratulations to all of you who have been supporting our “Bring Back the Monarch Butterflies” Project. California was awarded the National Society’s 1st place award for our State Regent’s Butterfly Project at Continental Congress in June. This has offered an opportunity to reach out to our communities, teaching conservation workshops, distributing milkweed seeds and plants, and planting over 1000 pollinator gardens. Daughters participate in the annual Monarch Butterfly Count. The Story of Chester, the Monarch Caterpillar/Larva, a DVD and book for young children, is being used in classes and homes, and one chapter has developed and distributed a teaching module on monarch butterflies and their life cycle. In August, 31 daughters (including the Jarrard Administration Board Reunion participants) gathered at State Headquarters in Glendora to establish and plant a “Monarch Butterfly Waystation”, which led to wonderful write-ups in local newspapers and an online video interview.  The great news is that Headquarters has now been certified by Monarch Watch and will be sporting a new sign by the Christmas Tea. Come and Enjoy!






Another Thank You all for your generosity as we accepted donations of gift cards and dollars for the Veterans who have been affected by the recent hurricanes.  You’ve donated approximately $6500.00, with more promised on the way.  In accord with Mrs. Dillon’s recommendations, donations are being shared among Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico.  You are MAGNIFICENT!!

If you haven’t yet purchased your beautiful 125th Anniversary California History Book, you may order on the Webstore or submit the order form from the website to State Headquarters.

We’re looking forward to seeing many of you at the November 4th Heritage Tea at the Woodcreek Clubhouse in Roseville (details are posted on the website). The next day many of us will travel to Novato to mark the grave of Honorary State Regent Jean McNew.  We hope you’ll join us….

Bev Moncrieff,
State Regent

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