California State Board of Directors – State Regent

Summer Greetings from the 2012-2014 State Board of Directors. Thank you for electing us to serve the State Society and its members at the 104th State Conference held in March 2012. Congratulations to the Jarrard Administration for completing a very successful term of office and for paving the way for the Jamison Administration.

Your new officers and various committee members have been working for several weeks to produce new information to help everyone prepare for the new DAR year. Please be sure to read the state officer articles contained in this Clarion. You will want to find out about changes to procedures and updated contest information.

The brand new CSSDAR public and members’ websites will be unveiled sometime in August. Our VIS Committee has been working feverishly to completely rebuild the CSSDAR site so it is easily navigated, requires fewer click of the mouse to find information, and is secure. For now, the current website has been updated to keep information flowing until the new site is officially approved by NSDAR. Please continue using the most recent password to enter the contact directory (Jarrard directory). If you have forgotten that password, contact your chapter regent, district director, or VIS Chairman Lisa Fox,

If you are reading this article, then you are using the new California Clarion! The Clarion is now the sole source of information for the State Society, and encompasses the Clarion (with news from State officers, NSDAR, Committees), California Chatter (with reports of events from chapters, districts, and the State Society), and the State Communiqué (an archive of urgent messages broadcast to specific groups and members). Please check out the tabs in the Clarion header to learn about the different aspects of our new electronic State newsletter. If you have any questions, please direct them to Chairman Christina Ramos,

It was wonderful to see so many California Daughters at the 121st Continental Congress. Thank you for your support as this State Regent and Vice Regent Carol Jackson were installed Sunday afternoon on the platform with twenty-one other sets of new state officers. It was an honor to place the honorary state regent’s sash on Karon Jarrard, and an inspiring moment to watch as Karon was announced as a candidate for the office of Corresponding Secretary General on Saturday night at the National candidates campaign kick-off. I hope you will a join me in congratulating Karon as she begins a new adventure in DAR.

Important News for Chapters from Continental Congress – Bylaws Amendments: The following amendment to the National Bylaws was adopted by voters at Congress and is printed here so that California chapters are made aware of their legal responsibilities. If you have any questions, please contact the State Regent.

NSDAR Bylaws

Article XIII – Chapters, Section 1

(a) For the purpose of promoting the objects of the National Society members may be organized into chapters.

(b) Such chapters, whether presently existing, in formation, or to be organized under this Article XIII, shall be independent legal entities from the National Society, and solely responsible in all instances, for their debts, legal obligations, liabilities, expenditures, claims made against them and any actions taken by them.

All members who attended Congress are invited to send their favorite photo of California Daughters enjoying the week, along with a short narrative. These articles will be placed in California Chatter in August so those who did not get to attend can see how much fun we all had. Please send your photos and short articles to

Very soon, reservation forms for Northern and Southern Council will be available online. Chapters will be notified via Communiqué of the posting of these documents. Northern Council will be held September 14-15 at the Rancho Cordova-Sacramento Marriott, and Southern Council is set for September 28-29 at the LAX Marriott. See you there!

Bee inspired and take flight!

Debbie Jamison
State Regent

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