State Regent’s Message: June 2016

Carole-FrameDear Daughters,

As we prepare for the 125th Continental Congress this month, it is time for me to reflect on the last two years as your state regent. It has truly been an honor and a privilege to serve your State Society 2014-2016. It is also a time to look forward to the next administrations—both National and California.

As we make our lists of all the things to pack for Washington DC, let me take this opportunity to remind everyone about the protocol of wearing the project pins for both the standing and the incoming President General and State Regent.  The eagle pin of the Young Administration is always in the highest position on the right side. Once the pin of the President General candidate is available, it is to be worn below the eagle. It is not to be worn without the eagle pin.  The same courtesy holds for the State Regent project pins.  The oak leaf pin of the Jackson administration is worn below the national pins.  The pin of the State Regent-elect is then worn below that one and, out of respect for the office, should not be worn without the current State Regent project pin.  After the installation of both the national officers and our State Regent-elect, then the arrow and the butterfly remain.  The eagle and the oak leaf may still be worn on the right side, but not above the arrow and the butterfly.

I want to thank each member of the state board for her resounding support. It was a team effort for all of the accomplishments, and I am grateful.  I also want to express my deepest appreciation for the support and guidance of our Honorary State Regents. Their counsel was invaluable and, as always, wise.

Lastly, I want to thank each member for her support and work to carry out the mission and ideals of our beloved Society. You all ROCK!

Always Celebrate America!
Celebrate our Society!
and Celebrate Service…to God, Home, and Country!

Carol Oakley Jackson
California State Regent

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