State Regent’s Message: October 2015

Carole-FrameDear California Daughters,

Autumn is here, along with the first State Regent message of the new DAR year.  For all of you, it is also an exciting time as you ramp up after all of the summer planning.  I must confess that autumn is not my favorite time of year.  As someone who loves spring, I try to keep in mind the quote of Albert Camus:  “Autumn is a second spring, when every leaf is a flower.”

Our September Councils, both north and south, were very successful, beginning with our Friday night “DAR–125 Years and Still Going Celebration.” The parade of floats and members in costume of the 1890s all added to the celebration of the anniversary of the founding of our National Society on October 11, 1890.  Your Board of Directors as the Not Quite Ready for Prime Time DAR Players recreated the original meetings from 1890.  We all must be grateful that our meetings are not the chaos of that time.  Meeting the candidates for the next CSSDAR administration let us know that our State Society will be in capable hands as we continue our mission of historic presentation, education, and patriotism.  The Saturday morning workshops were jam-packed.  And our luncheon program brought us inspiring information on the many and significant ways that DAR has contributed to our nation’s and our own society’s history.  After viewing the video of our living Honorary Presidents General sharing their recollections, we also enjoyed the recollections of our California Honorary State Regents and their experiences serving at the national level.  My deepest appreciation goes to our Council managers:  Catherine Mace and Fran Bock.  These Council meetings were outstanding!

In commemoration of NSDAR’s 125th anniversary on October 11, 2015, each chapter is encouraged to have a special service project within the local community as we join together to showcase our National Society’s commitment to America.  The possibilities are endless.

Mid-October, it will be my privilege to represent California at the 91st KDS Dedication Day.  California Daughters have gone above and beyond to support our DAR Schools, and this will be the time to recall our dedication to all that they accomplish.

Thank you for your continued support of our Society, as we Celebrate America!
Celebrate 125 Years of DAR, and
Celebrate Service!…to God, Home, and Country.

Carol Oakley Jackson
California State Regent

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