Program Resource Handbook

Are you responsible for your chapter programs or do you have a program that you’ve given to your chapter that you’d like to share with other chapters? If so, you might want to check out the Program Resource Handbook. The Handbook has a large number of programs that are available to chapters on a variety of topics given by members of the California State Speakers Staff. The State Speakers Staff is made up of members appointed by the Regent who are willing to volunteer their time to come to chapter meetings and present programs. There is no compensation to the speakers for their time or expense which is done on a volunteer basis by California Daughters.

What topics does the Handbook include?
The Handbook includes programs on the following areas: American Heritage, American History, American Indians, Americanism, Chapter Development, Children of the American Revolution, Commemorative Events, Conservation, Constitution Week, DAR Magazine, DAR Museum, DAR Schools, DAR Service for Veterans, Genealogical Records, Historic Preservation, Insignia, Junior American Citizens, Membership, National Defense, Project Patriot, Public Relations and Media, The Flag of the United States, Volunteer Genealogists, Volunteer Information Specialists, and Women’s Issues.

How do I use the Handbook?
There is a direct link to the Handbook which is located on the Members’ website under Documents and Forms, State Committees, and then Program – Resource Material Handbook. Clicking on the Handbook link will then download the Handbook as a PDF document. There are several indexes in the Handbook including by Chapter Achievement, Location (Northern or Southern California), and alphabetical by speaker’s last name. Included is a page for each speaker with detailed information on the speaker’s program(s), requirements, travel and contact information. Contact the speaker directly to make arrangements for the program.

How do I go about joining the State Speakers Staff?
Fill out the application on the program(s) you would like to present and send it as an email attachment to the State Chairman, Sharon Garrison. Please allow 7-10 days for processing. The new program will appear in the next Handbook release after approval by the State Regent.

Check out the Handbook now and see how useful it can be when you need a program for your chapter.

Sharon Garrison
State Speakers Staff Chairman

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