State Registrar Recognizes Graduates of the New Members Course

In lieu of the traditional State Registrar’s Annual Report, graduates and participants of the 1st New Members Course were recognized at the 107th State Conference in March 2015.  Each member received special seating, a lei and a certificate for their achievement.  Chapters cheered as the names were called.  President General Lynn Forney Young was present to enjoy the celebration.

Receiving recognition at the State Conference were Linda Adams, Melissa Bergier, Emily Boling, Susan Brooking, Lori Clem, Donna, Cohen, Carol Dalrymple, Laura Lang, Chris Hurst-Loeffter, Jennifer Martinic, Christine McMahan, Cindi Newbold, Eileen Roberts, Roxana Ross, Jayne Scardillo, and Karen Theofinades.   Rounding out the Class of 2015 were Debi Beitler, Linda Friedman, Laura Gallagher, Brenda Hagood, Pat Kinzie, Monica Moriarty, Heather Roberts, Heather Smith, Cynthia Stormer, Laura Todd, Betty Tronson, and Vicki Winters. Their certificates will be issued at the Fall Council meetings.  The Rancho Simi Chapter had the largest number of participants, followed by Captain John Oldham and Gold Trail Chapters.

Join those who have already registered for the Class of 2016 and be recognized at the 108th State Conference in March!

Joan Bogaty
CA State Registrar

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