Revised New Member’s Course Now Available on Members’ Site

The New Members Course Part I has been revised and posted on the California State Members’ Website.

The two part New Members’ Course provides an opportunity for new members to learn more about DAR and how they can become active participates in DAR at all levels, chapter, state, and national. The First Part is accomplished through a series of on-line webinars, optional in person activities, and an independent project. For more information about the Part One course curriculum, please see New Members’ Course Curriculum and start tracking your progress by using the Graduation Check-Off List. Part Two is a workbook containing information on the operation of CSSDAR.

Even though it is called New Members, the program is open to anyone who wishes to update their knowledge of the NSDAR. It can easily be accessed on the CA State Members Website by clicking on Members on the top menu and scrolling down to New Members Training Course or from this link below:

New Member Course Part I>>

Joan Bogaty
State Registrar

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